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Hello, world!

This is a web (DokuWiki) version of canvon (Fabian Pietsch) notes…

Please, have a look at the Sitemap! Especially if you got credentials / a login.

This DokuWiki is hosted besides my blog, maybe you'll find content there that is “better polished” for publication.

Public pages

Linux distributions

This is intended to hold links/cache-copies of public documentation relating to Linux distributions (especially desktop and server). Especially this would mean that documentation pertaining to, e.g., Android (which runs on a Linux kernel but with a completely unique user-land), would be misplaced, here.

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2022/09/23 15:28 · canvon


Some miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit otherwise into the structure

For example, speed test by ''timeout'' + ''dd'', video file comparison using mpv, Windows fork problems

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2022/10/01 19:05 · canvon


This is about certain tools I'm going to make public statements about…

Maybe see, e.g., ansible.

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2022/10/02 03:05 · canvon

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a way of running a Linux distribution efficiently as your own user, on Windows. (No dual-boot or Virtual Machine (VM) needed. It seems to be more like a container?)

While WSL1 seemed to “just” emulate the Linux syscalls on a Windows NT kernel (so there specifically was no “Linux” running at all), WSL2 seems to “fix” this by running a full-blown Linux kernel .. alongside Windows, via its own Hyper-V hypervisor.

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2022/10/12 21:39 · canvon
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