Preview toggling in tmux window list

Since Debian 10 "buster" (as of writing: Debian stable), which ships tmux 2.8, I'm finally having this new preview feature in the tmux window list. (Ctrl-b w)

[Insert image here.]

That's very cool, but eats up so much space! Where is the rest of my windows? The list ends so soon.

But, TIL: One can easily toggle the preview, using v! Then there's the full window height available for the window list, again.

Other useful default key bindings for the window list include x for "killing" windows, < and > for scrolling through the preview list (e.g., through all the windows after selecting a session entry from the window list), Ctrl-s and n for search, t/T/Ctrl-t for toggle-tag/tag-none/tag-all, : for running a command for each tagged item, O for changing sort order (index/numerical, name/alphabetical, time/last-recently-used(?)).

This is all very nice.

(Of course, there's also the basic movement through up/down, choosing the selection through enter, and quitting (without choosing) through q.)

See also the tmux (Debian 10) full documentation on choose-tree and/or upstream tmux choose-tree. My Ctrl-b w default binding is choose-tree -Zw.