streamserver-cvn runs on my smartphone!

As of 2019-05-11, streamserver-cvn, my personal project to help a friend fill in a missing part in his Desktop streaming, now runs on my smartphone, too! (In the GNU/Linux environment inside the Termux Android App, that is...)

As I've already written up the details as project documentation, please see there; or visit the master and/or master directly.

The essence is to use "qmake QMAKE_CXXFLAGS+=--target=armv7l-linux-android ..." for building, as the __ARM_ARCH defaults to 4, otherwise, while qt5 only supports 5-8.

A nice trick to get MPEG-TS (MPEG Transport Stream) compatible input for streamserver-cvn-cli is to use "mpv ... --o=- --of=mpegts" (ships via the default repos of the Termux App), possibly piped into it. (For getting something that actually plays on Kodi on the Raspberry Pi, it may need much more flags, though. What flags exactly is left as an exercise to the reader. ...)


The idea was to be able to stream some smartphone photos to the TV (via Kodi on the Raspberry Pi, as suggested above), though. This doesn't seem to work (yet?) as mpv seemed to set a frame rate of 24000 fps... It seems there is a /1001 missing, somewhere, but when I used some flags to set the time base to "25000/1000", each image was taking around 20-25 s, but Kodi hung on the stream, anyway. Perhaps I should have tried to set "1000/1000"... But can't test that, at the moment. It would be possible to try again using ffmpeg, too, instead.