Recent changes to this wiki:

Post cosine_oscillating_on_function: Scale image down, e.g., on mobile
For this, put the whole section into its own `<div class="scale-down">`,
(hopefully) as previously done
on post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource.
Post cosine_oscillating_on_function: Add cosine_on_cosine{.gnuplot.txt,.png}
* Use image in the post.
* Link to gnuplot source code in the post.
Note: cosine_on_cosine.*
was parametric-cosine_on_parabola-20200406-5.2b-points-abstract-cosine_on_cosine-titles2-more_readable_source_code.gnuplot.txt
before. (From covid-19-canvon.static/gnuplotting/)
Post cosine_oscillating_on_function: Add introduction
posts: Add cosine_oscillating_on_function (draft): Meta data & headline
calendar update
Added a comment: Interesting tool
Template posttemplate: Fix template variables used
.., according to:
calendar update
calendar update
Template calendar{year,month}.tmpl, sidebar: Switch from Sunday to Monday as first day of week
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to un-break WikiLink-to-image
On the *WikiLink*, we're probably gonna need no path qualification
at all ... (At least it didn't work *with* qualification!)
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try again having working image at all places, this time via WikiLink
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Un-break image on article page; try again to get image working on frontpage
As ikiwiki does not seem to adjust relative image paths,
we'll simply link with an absolute path, assuming the blog/wiki
lives in the document root...
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to get image working on frontpage
* Try to use ikiwiki-style relative path name, like what finally worked
in posts/modifying_ikiwiki.mdwn ...
That is, use "./", but also write out the current page name.
Let's hope ikiwiki will recognize the image file's location that way,
and adjust it accordingly when inlining the article on the frontpage...
Style: Try to un-break image scale-down (e.g. on posts/til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource)
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to un-break image when inlined on the frontpage
* Try to express image class via a class block.
Maybe this is discount markdown specific, but I hope it'll work.
The difference is that a surrounding <div> will have the scale-down
class, now; not the <img> itself!
creating tag page tags/mention/Simon-mentioned
creating tag page tags/mention
creating tag page tags/git
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Publish
* Remove prefix "DRAFT: " from title, remove tag draft.
* Bump ctime, but also mention previous ctime (as reported by the
wiki/blog software) in the article.
* Add tags.
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Add thanks to Simon
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Add section "Operating gource"
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Add section "gource on streamserver-cvn"
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Move image down-scaling from style attribute to class + site-wide CSS
.., as the former was scrubbed away by the htmlscrubber plugin...
* Fills in the local stylesheet local.css for the first time.
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Scale image down on small viewport
* Replace Markdown-specific image code with a generic <img> tag,
for this.
* Add a style="max-width: 100%;" to the <img> tag.
Hope this works!
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to fix footnote: Start lines with a word character, not the code back-quote
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to fix footnotes: First line directly on the definition, following lines as separate paragraph (indented)
I hope it'll finally work, now. ...
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to fix footnote: Empty first line, following lines *not* indented, plus forced line-breaks via trailing double-space
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try again fixing footnote
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to fix footnote, by indenting even more
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Try to fix footnote, by indenting the trailing lines slightly
Post til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource: Add section "gource on canvon-blog", and image which it embeds
posts: Add til_git_history_visualisation_via_gource
Working title: "DRAFT: TIL: git history visualisation via gource"
Template posttemplate: Bugfix: Add missing 2nd closing bracket at tag draft
This fixes commit 1dce4d02a5c9ac74b0f4c2d1b3283f483bfd2679
("Template posttemplate: Adjust, for hopefully easier mobile web
editing...", Date: Sun May 19 01:55:19 2019 +0200,
Author: Fabian Pietsch).
Post blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded: Bump ctime for publishing, record that change as text in the article
Post blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded: Remove draft status, tag
posts: Integrate further blog_software_announcements-2019 posts via subtitle and post group embedding
Link to post-groups from the sidebar
Post group blog_software_announcements-2019: Link to self, in case of being embedded
Post group blog_software_announcements-2019: Fix links, they need a posts/ prefix each, now
Post blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded: Bugfix: Should not have been link, but element/anchor id definition...
post-groups: Add blog_software_announcements-2019, embed in blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded
Add post-groups root page
It is intended to store groups of inter-related articles,
without such lists being rendered as stand-alone posts to the blog.
Post blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded: Reverse title, for better human consumption (?)
Post blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded: Add more formatting
* "HTML5"
* "mobile responsive layout"
Post blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded: Add formatting
* Also add a missing closing parenthesis ')' at the end.
Template posttemplate: Adjust, for hopefully easier mobile web editing...
* Create page as a draft. (Add tag draft, and prefix meta title
with "DRAFT: ".)
* Pre-enter page title into meta title and a level-1 heading.
* Omit meta description, as it will likely not be possible to devise
sensible content while/after doing the first sketch via smartphone...
Rename post blog_software_upgraded-2019-1 to blog_software_announcement-2019_3-ikiwiki_upgraded
The important(?) thing is the switch from 2019-1 to 2019-3,
as it's rather the 3rd event in a row than mainly something first.
Post blog_software_upgraded-2019-1: Fix page URL
posts: Add blog_software_upgraded-2019-1 (draft)
calendar update
Comment by Test: Remove site-external avatar URL
With this, there should be no site-external avatar URLs left.
avatar: Import ArneB local override; use in existing comment(s)
creating tag page tags/related
creating tag page tags/related/linux-kernel-related
creating tag page tags/related/systemd-related
creating tag page tags/project/other-project/ikiwiki-project
creating tag page tags/related/raspbian-related
creating tag page tags/project
creating tag page tags/related/firefox-related
creating tag page tags/project/other-project/mono-project
creating tag page tags/related/debian-related
creating tag page tags/project/other-project
creating tag page tags/related/termux-related
creating tag page tags/related/android-related
creating tag page tags/related/debian-project-related
creating tag page tags/related/ikiwiki-related
creating tag page tags/project/canvon-project/streamserver-cvn-project
creating tag page tags/project/canvon-project
creating tag page tags/related/mpv-related
posts: Add more tags: related/FOO-related
.., with FOO being a keyword like a project name, but without having to
alleviate everything to a FOO-project; which would have gotten myself
into trouble when, e.g., someone does a web search for the FOO project
and gets my blog, while I'm completely unrelated to the FOO *project*
(as in, the people who build and release FOO).
For viewing the diff, use --color-words.
posts: Tag as project/WHO-project/NAME-project where actually a contribution to that project is made/discussed
* modifying_ikiwiki: ikiwiki
* streamserver-cvn_runs_on_my_smartphone: streamserver-cvn
creating tag page tags/arch/arch-all
creating tag page tags/develop/perl
Post modifying_ikiwiki: Add tags
Post a_test_from_mobile: Add tag smartphone ("mobile")
* Add tag user, too, while at it.
It's about using the software just set up, too.
creating tag page tags/smartphone
creating tag page tags/develop
creating tag page tags/develop/c++
creating tag page tags/arch/arch-arm
creating tag page tags/develop/qt
Post streamserver-cvn_runs_on_my_smartphone: Remove draft status; add meta date of ~now, add publishing tags
Post streamserver-cvn_runs_on_my_smartphone: (Add emphasis on ffmpeg)
Post streamserver-cvn_runs_on_my_smartphone: Add section "Problems"
Post streamserver-cvn_runs_on_my_smartphone: Adjust formatting slightly
* Use more <code> spans where missing before.
* At some existing <code> spans, use quotes around them,
so it's obvious where it starts and where it ends
even when rendered to HTML with not too much fancy CSS for it...
posts: Add streamserver-cvn_runs_on_my_smartphone: Marked draft, but article already fully written
tags: Remove again auto-generated tag pages which will no longer be used
The tags were presented withour their path,
but didn't make much sense in that way...
So they were replaced by something containing the path
in the tag name, too, using the path only for grouping.
Replacing didn't remove them from the repos, though.
(As nothing is tagged as these tags anymore, they don't
appear on the web site, but better remove them now
lest we forget about them.)
Post arm_legacy_system_alongside_arm64_replacement: Fill in time of un-draft-ing commit as ctime
Strictly speaking, we'd need the push time, not the commit time,
as that is when the article really got published. But in this case
the difference should be a few minutes at most. (?)
(Let's hope the meta date is really the ctime and not the mtime...)
creating tag page tags/hardware
creating tag page tags/arch
Post arm_legacy_system_alongside_arm64_replacement: Fix tags: List broader category first/too
This IkiWiki instance is now proven to not do that for us
creating tag page tags/raspberrypi
creating tag page tags/arch/arch-armhf
creating tag page tags/software/server-software
creating tag page tags/software/server-software/systemd-server-software
creating tag page tags/hardware/arm-hardware
creating tag page tags/admin/systemd-admin
Import: Changes of /usr/share/ikiwiki/templates/page.tmpl from previous import to package ikiwiki 3.20190228-1 (Debian buster)
As the patch (created from diffing from .debian.bak to /usr/...)
applied cleanly to my forked version, this is a single commit.
Import: /usr/share/ikiwiki/templates/calendar{year,month}.tmpl from package ikiwiki 3.20190228-1 (Debian buster)
Import: /usr/share/ikiwiki/basewiki/local.css from package ikiwiki 3.20190228-1 (Debian buster)